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Title:The Car Buyers
Description:Are you planning to sell your car? Is it time to upgrade? Or maybe down size? Are you reluctant to move forward due to the hassle of selling your car privately and dealing with a lot of tyre kickers? Or too scared to see how little you are being offered for your car as a trade in? What ever the case maybe at the car buyers we can make your selling experience a fast, hassle free and cash in hand on the spot transaction. All you need to do is to either fill the form and one our friendly staff will contact you, or ring us on 1300 THE CAR (843 227). At the car buyers we buy your car as is, where is. We pay you cash on the spot or money transferred into your nominated account immediately. There won't be any need for obtaining the Road Worthy Certificate, or spending any time and money fixing all the mechanical problems and then sit by the phone and wait for the buyer to ring, and if they ring for them to offer you half the price you have advertised the vehicle for. We can omit all that painful process and make your selling a pleasurable one. For cash for your car you only need to fill in the form or ring us on 1300 THE CAR (1300 843 227).
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Owner Name:Kaivan Hosseini

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